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Welcome to our JOTI 2018-Page ! We would be happy to have a lot of contacts during the JOTI weekend!
Here we also want to send best greetings to our Scouts friends from Jevicko and from Hlinsko! It is wonderful to know you! Und natürlich ganz viele Grüße nach Österreich!

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There are several Scouts / small groups of us active during JOTI. Nicknames from our troop are: We would be happy to hear from you!

You are invited to put a photo, a badge, a painting ... whatever you like on our virtual pin board (virtuelle Pinnwand) Click on it, have a look and send us something, we would be glad! Schickt uns damit Bild-Grüße - wir freuen uns sehr darüber!
And we collect entries in our Guestbook . Of course, we will answer also these entries, and if you let us know your homepage, we would like to visit it and to learn something about Scouting in your country or town.
And you are welcome to have a look on our troop's homepage, you can find the navigation buttons on the left side (most of it in German, unfortunately). In the following list, you find some short hints what could be interesting for you. We participate already for the nineth time at the Jamboree on the Internet ! Special greetings to all Scouts around the world !
Abenteuerwochenende Leutkirch Oktober 2014
Greetings from some of our Scouts and our Scout friends from Burladingen !

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